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23 January، 2019 Blog / Video Animation


ProSoft has been established in 1988 and it is one of O2 media clients; it is a the main distributer for IBM, ProSoft’s main role in the market is providing Technology Solutions that deliver high business value for Customers in the medium and large Enterprise market sectors like this one through a robust network of IT solutions suppliers and presales experts.


Prosoft to gain an intensive business leads, that made O2 , think of LinkedIn campaign, so they started preparing a different types of content to match each industry and the challenge was to get leads through LinkedIn that match their product


The team made a different type of content to fit each industry also they Picked LinkedIn to be their field
They put a time plan and the team tried set a pilot budget for this pilot campaign, although the product in specified niche, O2 team
Prosoft LinkedIn Campaign
Managed to write very specified Content for each industry.


The whole campaign took 10 business days
Which composed total impressions reached
36,924 and CPM was 14 USD which is very
Good number in that industry
Total clicks reached 255 click and CPC was
1.97 USD also CTR reached 0.7 %
On top of the campaign produced above many qualified lead

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