El Rabee, a prominent player in the food production industry since 1989. Known for its expertise in manufacturing traditional Halva and White Tahini.

Challenge at Hand:

A dominant force in Egypt’s rural markets, yet El Rabee aspired for more and aimed to expand in the vibrant urban centers of Cairo and Giza. The challenge was not just to penetrate, but to become a market leader and household name.

Our Strategic Approach:

Transformation Achieved:

The rebranding was a monumental success. Today, El Rabee not only enjoys an outstanding shelf presence in major supermarkets across Cairo and Giza, but it has also become a recognized name in the urban landscape.

In a time when local brands are increasingly cherished, El Rabee stands as a prime example.

SFSD is a non-profit, non-governmental organization and is one of the first family donor foundations in the region, endowed by the Sawiris family.

Challenge at Hand: The primary goal was to increase awareness and participation in the foundation's educational scholarships and cultural programs.

Our Strategic Approach: To meet the foundation's objectives, our strategy contained multiple facets:

Transformation Achieved: Our collaboration with Sawiris Foundation continues to yield remarkable success. Through ongoing media buying efforts, we've effectively promoted educational scholarships, cultural programs, and broader social development initiatives.

Project Overview:

Voices for Refugees campaign is an innovative initiative aimed at enhancing support from communities in the Arab region for the refugee and internally displaced persons crises both regionally and globally.

Challenge at Hand:

The campaign sought to raise awareness, mobilize support, and generate donations to assist refugees and advocate for their needs, with a focus on creating a compelling podcast series alongside a digital campaign.

Our Strategic Approach:

Our comprehensive strategy encompassed multimedia content production:

Transformation Achieved:

The strategic use of multimedia content and digital tools created a robust platform for advocacy and support, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the campaign by attracting a large number of listeners and notably boosting donations.

A pioneer in the FMCG realm, was established in 2002 as a producer of household cleaners and detergents.

Challenge at Hand: ADCO aimed to build a conversational and deep interaction with its existing customer base and attract new potential segments through tailored social media campaigns and strategic media buys.

Our Strategic Approach: Our digital marketing plan for ADCO was centered around two main objectives:

Transformation Achieved: ADCO’s online presence and customer engagement are greatly enhanced through our digital marketing initiatives. By focusing on interactive content and responsive communication, we not only retained our loyal customer base but also attracted new consumers.

Established in 1939, Lumex is one of the oldest manufacturers of baby clothes in the MENA region.

Challenge at Hand: Initially, Lumex approached O2 with a simple request: to make their logo stand out in competitive retail environments. However, it quickly became evident that the project required a deeper, more holistic approach.

Our Strategic Approach: We embarked on an extensive brand overhaul that went far beyond the initial brief:

Transformation Achieved: The rebranding significantly enhanced Lumex’s visibility and consumer engagement across multiple platforms. Notably, the new website's visibility increased, with search engines accounting for 67% of its traffic.

Project Overview: In collaboration with UNICEF Egypt, we worked on a public health project focused on the critical first 1000 days of a child's life.

Challenge at Hand: This initiative aimed to educate over 10 million people across Egypt, offering crucial health insights and dispelling common myths about maternity and childcare, while emphasizing the vital role of every family member.

Our Strategic Approach: Our 360-degree campaign strategy was multi-faceted, designed to maximize reach and impact:

Transformation Achieved:

The "First 1000 Days" campaign greatly enhanced public health education in Egypt. This multi-platform approach expanded the campaign's reach, ensuring that crucial health messages were accessible, thus fostering a better-informed environment for early childhood care.