“The fourth screen is audio. We’re seeing that start to evolve as a key strategic thought process for brands and agencies.”
— John Trimble, CRO at Pandora

Audio Production insights for 2023


Min Drama


Hour Books & Summaries


Hour Series for kids


Dubbing Documentary


Min Voice over


Dubbing simply is the act of replacing dialogue, sound, or a language with recordings of another native dialect.

Our expert dialogue authors and directors will preserve the authentic tone of your content. We hand-select qualified voice actors who are natives of the target country and oversee the entire dubbing process to ensure that the lines are delivered not just accurately, but convincingly as well.

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Audio Drama

Audio drama - also called radio drama - is a vocal and dramatic performance where there is no visual to rely on to help tell the story, rather it is purely open to your own imagination.

Audio dramas are scripted specifically to be listened to; where music and sound effects are included to enhance the listening experience.

Our team takes care of the entire production process starting from concept brainstorming, scriptwriting, and spotting the right actors to the recording and editing stage.

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From the writing and prepping phases of recording and publishing, our team will perfectly take care of the finest details of the production process.

Nowadays, podcasting is becoming more and more popular. They provide a unique community experience that other platforms have yet to match. And unlike other platforms, you will finally get to rest your eyes from the screen, and whether you’re on a walk, driving home from work, or even on a long road trip, there’s a podcast out there for you.

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Selecting the ideal artist with the right tone that perfectly matches your brand’s voice is not an easy task, but we can do it smoothly.

Voiceover simply entails one or several actors in one of our studios reading from the Script in the presence of the art director and audio engineer. Before this all takes place, we make sure to send the script to the artist beforehand, allowing them to familiarize themselves with not only the words but also your brand's overall tone of voice.

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It is simply the process of narrating a certain book, introducing all the characters of the story, and walking you through the events chronologically. Audiobooks have become increasingly popular. They are an interactive, accessible way to enjoy and read books on the go.

We have a team of incredibly talented narrators, linguists, and audio engineers who oversee the recording process, reviewing the quality of the recordings and their compatibility with the recorded texts.

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