El Rabee Group

El Rabee, a prominent player in the food production industry since 1989. Known for its expertise in manufacturing traditional Halva and White Tahini.

Challenge at Hand:

A dominant force in Egypt’s rural markets, yet El Rabee aspired for more and aimed to expand in the vibrant urban centers of Cairo and Giza. The challenge was not just to penetrate, but to become a market leader and household name.

Our Strategic Approach:

  • Market Research: Comprehensive analysis to understand urban consumer preferences and market dynamics.
  • Brand Strategy: Redefinition of El Rabee’s brand identity to resonate with the targeted consumers while honoring its rural roots.

Transformation Achieved:

The rebranding was a monumental success. Today, El Rabee not only enjoys an outstanding shelf presence in major supermarkets across Cairo and Giza, but it has also become a recognized name in the urban landscape.

In a time when local brands are increasingly cherished, El Rabee stands as a prime example.