Project Overview:

Voices for Refugees campaign is an innovative initiative aimed at enhancing support from communities in the Arab region for the refugee and internally displaced persons crises both regionally and globally.

Challenge at Hand:

The campaign sought to raise awareness, mobilize support, and generate donations to assist refugees and advocate for their needs, with a focus on creating a compelling podcast series alongside a digital campaign.

Our Strategic Approach:

Our comprehensive strategy encompassed multimedia content production:

  • Podcast Production: We created the "Voices for Refugees" podcast to emotionally connect with listeners and inspire action through stories and insights into the refugee experience.
  • Digital Campaign Donations-Drive: Leveraged social media platforms and online advertising to promote the podcast, engage communities, and effectively drive donations.

Transformation Achieved:

The strategic use of multimedia content and digital tools created a robust platform for advocacy and support, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the campaign by attracting a large number of listeners and notably boosting donations.