Established in 1939, Lumex is one of the oldest manufacturers of baby clothes in the MENA region.

Challenge at Hand: Initially, Lumex approached O2 with a simple request: to make their logo stand out in competitive retail environments. However, it quickly became evident that the project required a deeper, more holistic approach.

Our Strategic Approach: We embarked on an extensive brand overhaul that went far beyond the initial brief:

  • Brand Strategy: We developed a comprehensive brand strategy that redefined Lumex’s market positioning and brand identity.
  • Website Development: Created a B2B website, designed to support their export and professional needs.
  • Visual and Digital Assets: Crafted new company profile, flyers, and roll-ups that matched the new brand image
  • Social Media Engagement: Initiated a robust social media campaign to introduce the new identity.
  • Video Production: Produced a video highlighting the rebranding's journey and impact.

Transformation Achieved: The rebranding significantly enhanced Lumex’s visibility and consumer engagement across multiple platforms. Notably, the new website's visibility increased, with search engines accounting for 67% of its traffic.