Selah El Telmeez

Founded in 1960 by Hamdy Mostafa, Selah El Telmeez grew from the Modern Arab Company to a leading publisher of educational content. Needless to mention the brand is a cherished part of Egypt’s educational heritage.

Challenge at Hand:

Selah El Telmeez, famous for its series "Egyptian Novels for Pockets," sought to enhance its product range by offering audiobook versions. Motivated by our previous work with leading audio distributors like Storytel andإقرألي, they enlisted O2 Media to oversee the audio transformation.

Our Strategic Approach:

  • Content Integrity: Rigorous review and quality control to ensure accurate translation of text to audio without errors.
  • Production Execution: Efficiently managing and executing the audio production, maintaining  high standards, and meeting project timelines.

Transformation Achieved:

In less than a year, we successfully brought 200 novels to life in audio form, with ongoing production to complete the entire series. This project not only diversified Selah El Telmeez’s offerings but also reinforced its legacy in the evolving digital landscape.

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