Project Overview: In collaboration with UNICEF Egypt, we worked on a public health project focused on the critical first 1000 days of a child's life.

Challenge at Hand: This initiative aimed to educate over 10 million people across Egypt, offering crucial health insights and dispelling common myths about maternity and childcare, while emphasizing the vital role of every family member.

Our Strategic Approach: Our 360-degree campaign strategy was multi-faceted, designed to maximize reach and impact:

  • Social Media & Media Buying: Active engagement across various platforms to reach diverse demographics along with strategic advertising placements to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Audapaciio Production: Developed an IVR service that disseminated information via voice calls to the public, ensuring accessibility even in low-connectivity areas.
  • Capacity Building: We equipped medical staff in the Ministry of Health with skills in storytelling, video production, and social media management to enhance public health engagement.
  • Video Production: Produced short, informative videos featuring doctors who provided health tips directly to the public.
  • Rebranding: Ask Health

Transformation Achieved:

The "First 1000 Days" campaign greatly enhanced public health education in Egypt. This multi-platform approach expanded the campaign's reach, ensuring that crucial health messages were accessible, thus fostering a better-informed environment for early childhood care.